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  • hat are the changes to class procedures due to covid-19? All students must have a parent sign the updated waiver form in regards to the pandemic.  All check in will be done at the door and then students will be sent to the waiting room area to bee called in for their class. The waiting room is going to remain closed as it is not big enough to ensure proper distancing. We are keeping our cameras up and running so that you all can continue to watch from the cameras and will open the garage door as much as possible weather permitting. Students are being asked to hand sanitize between stations and upon entry and exit of the gym. All touched equipment will be sprayed after use. We are cleaning and disinfecting every day with deep cleaning being done on a regular basis as well  This is a fluid situation and things can change on a daily basis if needed.  THERE IS ONLY ONE PARENT ALLOWED IN TO THE MINI STARS CLASS.

  • FOOD AND DRINK: Absolutely no food or drinks (with the exception of your water bottles) allowed in the gym. ∙ OBSERVING CLASS: You are always welcome to observe your child’s class from our cameras. We do ask that  you refrain from communicating with them during their class. This can be very distracting to all of the participants if  parents are conversing with their child during their instructional time. If your child needs you or if we feel that your  assistance is necessary we will come and get you.  

  • WAITING ROOM: Our waiting room is going to remain closed for the time being. The size of the waiting room is  not appropriate enough to ensure that everyone who prefers to social distance can do that. We have the following  APP for you to be able to watch class as it is happening. We do our best to make sure all cameras are in positions  to capture as much as possible. APP LINK: HTTPS://WWW.MESHARE.COM/GETMESHARE (IN LOWER CASE)  OR YOU CAN GO TO YOUR APP STORE AND SEARCH MESHARE. Log in: The  password changes daily and you will need to come in at check in to receive it so that we can ensure your childrens  safety

  • ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR ATHLETIC CLOTHING: Girls can wear either a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt that  fits. Boys can wear shorts and a t-shirt. Please do not wear buckles, snaps, or zippers. NO JEANS. Students may  not be able to participate in class if they are not wearing proper attire. ALL GIRLS AND BOYS WITH LONG HAIR  MUST PULL IT BACK INTO A PONY TAIL OR BRAID: This is a safety issue when working on the equipment. 

  • ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BRING A WATER BOTTLE TO EVERY CLASS: Please label with your name on them.  We do have water for sale if needed. We DO NOT provide cups. 

  • STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE GYM WITH JEWELRY: with the exception medical bracelets and  stud earrings (only one pair). All jewelry should be removed before class. This includes string bracelets and  anklets. 

  • CLASS ABSENCES AND MAKE-UPS: Classes are run in 8 week sessions and the cost for this is broken down  into two monthly payments. Please notify us within 24 hours of an absence from class. We will do our very best to  schedule a make- up class for you. All make-ups must be done before the session ends. If you do not attend the  make-up it will then be forfeited. Please understand that you are responsible for payment for entire session  once you have signed up for it. 

  • DISCONTINUATION OR CHANGE OF CLASS: If your student needs to change a class or will not be  returning, a two week notice needs to be given to their instructor. We will make every attempt possible to  place your child into another class. This will depend on the number of students already in the class. We will consider that your student is continuing onto the next session unless you notify us before the end of the current  session. Remember you are responsible for payment of this class until we are notified that your student will not be  returning. 

  • PAYMENTS, REFUNDS AND RETURNED CHECKS: Payment is due on the first of every month. After the 10th  day of the month, payments will be automatically deducted from a checking account, debit or credit card. Your  child will not be allowed to participate until payment is made. There are no refunds on any tuition or  registrations paid. All returned checks are subject to a $32.00 NSF fee. Continued returned checks will result in  cash only or credit card payments. 

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the winter months we will make every attempt to keep classes as scheduled but  sometimes we will need to cancel for everyone’s safety. If you are questioning whether or not we have class please  check our website or social media pages. We will also send out a mass email so make sure to fill it out on your  form! 

  • DISCIPLINE: While every attempt will be made to redirect the children, there are times when other techniques are  necessary. Top Gun utilizes the “take a break” approach. We will ask children who have been spoken to several  times or are engaging in a manner that is unacceptable or dangerous to take a break. The first step in that they will  need to take a break and miss a turn, the second time they will miss and entire rotation and the third they will be  asked to sit off to the side for the remainder of the class. If behavior continues to escalate we will ask that you take  them home. Very rarely will the discipline every get that far but we want you to be aware of our methods. 

  • PRO SHOP: Please see a staff member for assistance. All prices are listed next to the Pro-Shop.


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